Kimberley has just embarked on the completion of her first novel, The Miracle of A Broken Heart. This has been a dream in incubation for over six years and now, finally, it is being born to the world. She is looking forward to continuing her writing journey by working on her next projects, which include a children's book along with a Christmas book.

Kimberley lives in Buffalo, New York with her three black cats, Ben, Bailey and Bella. She dedicates her writing life to her fourth grade Sunday school teacher, Sharon Jones Jackson, who inspired her to write prior to her death. Sharon’s spirit lives on in Kimberley’s heart as she continues to write and have her reading audience feel good after cuddling up with one her novels.

Not only has Kimberley answered her calling to write, she is also fulfilling her never ending life’s purpose to help others make positive change in their lives through her coaching, mentoring and teaching of others. Her coaching practice focuses on personal improvement and mastery, through many venues such as health, teaching others how to dress for their body type, creating positive relationships, creating beautiful spaces and learning the art of the Law of Attraction.

A Graduate of Canisus College in Buffalo, New York she earned her BS in Psychology and Masters in Business Administration. In addition, she has taken coursework through the International Coaching Academy and has studied such teachers as Napolean Hill, James Allen, Bob Proctor, Abraham Hicks and Tony Robbins.

Kimberley continues her own personal growth process by taking time to write and study each morning. It is Kimberley’s wish to everyone, that she guide them through the journey to the best life they could ever dream of creating and that they be happy in the doing of it!



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